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Vanity Solutions NYC is operated by Mikhail Torich, New York City-based music video director and award-winning filmmaker, Master of Fine Arts in Media-Design, international music video director, photographer and visual artist. His over 15 year artistic work spans across Russia and Germany and into the United States. Torich produced and directed over 100 music videos for major and independent European and American musicians. His works are broadcasted on top music television channels including MTV, Viva, Deutsche Welle and more.

His mainstream work includes Billboard-Topping music video "Oh Mama Hey" for legendary Crystal Waters, MTV-featured "Ouja Board" for RuPaul's Drag Race show winner Sharon Needles, "Departed" for Sully Erna (US-famous Godsmack band), "Speakerphone" - the official contest music video for Kylie Minogue, voted #2 by out of hundreds of international submissions, official come-back music video "That's All" for major european pop-star Sin with Sebastian, featured on MTV Europe and Deutsche Welle, music video "Don't Let Love Down" for double Grammy award-winner Rob Fusari, 5 music videos for YouTube sensation AB Soto , legendary Wigstock founder entertainer Lady Bunny and many more.

Experimental short film "Nothing", directed and produced by Mikhail Torich has been world premiered at 2013 Cannes Film Festival, France, underground independent musical film "Testo", also directed and produced by Mikhail Torich has received the "Best Experimental Film - 2012" award at the 3d annual "International World Music and Independent Film Festival" in Washington, DC and "Honorary Mention Award" at 3d annual 2013 Los Angeles New Wave Film Festival.

In 2011 his video art film "Hold Me Closer" has been officially selected to become a part of the Short-List at the annual

Cologne-OFF festival, which resulted in worldwide showcases all over the world, including Mexico Museum of Modern Art, Belgrade, Cologne, Koln, Kiev, Habana and many more. "Hold Me Closer" has been selected along with around 40 others out of more than 700 international submissions.

As a video artist, Mikhail Torich is a recipient of a prestigious "Best Artist Piece and performance 2011 Award" for his Live-Mix Video Art performance at the annual Re:Vision showcase by Forward Motion Theater at the Tank Theater, New York.

Studio Photography and Editorial shoots by Mikhail Torich featured the most influential characters of todays world and media - he photographed Anna Wintour, Mikhail Gorbachov, Julianne Moore, Sandra Bernhard and many more.

Documentary and news films by Mikhail Torich has been featured in national NBC Nightly News, the highest rated broadcast news program in the United States, NBC Today show, ranked #17 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time and Russian national channels 1, Rossiya and NTV.

Currently Torich is running Vanity Solutions NYC - fully-equipped top-notch music video production, studio photography and fan engagement studio in New York City serving Celebrities and the Gays at a price Artists and Brands are happy to invest.

Mikhail Torich

Music Video Director,


Video Artist. MFA

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