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Video Art & Projections

Video Art & Projections

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Mikhail Torich is an award-winning filmmaker, Master of Fine Arts in Media Design, international music video director, photographer and visual artist. His over 15 year artistic work spans across Russia and Germany and into the United States. Torich creates gallery-quality interactive Video Art Performances, Films and Projections presented in contemporary art museums, galleries and shows worldwide.

Experimental short film "Nothing", directed and produced by Mikhail Torich has been world-premiered at 2013 Cannes Film Festival, France, underground independent musical film "Testo", also directed and produced by Mikhail Torich received "Best Experimental Film - 2012" award at the 3d annual "International World Music and Independent Film Festival" in Washington, DC and "Honorary Mention Award" at 2013 Los Angeles New Wave Film Festival. 

In 2011 his video art film "Hold Me Closer" has been officially selected to become a part of the Short-List at the annual Cologne-OFF festival, which resulted in worldwide showcases all over the world, including Mexico Museum of Modern Art, Belgrade, Cologne, Koln, Kiev, Havana and many more. 

Since 2009, Torich is running a cutting-edge sensory-stimulating interactive digital visual art and movement experiment SynthesisRGB, launched in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY and continued in a month-long Interactive Video Art Experiment SynthesisRGB II held at Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition Annual Fall Show 2016 curated by New Museum's Helga Christoffsen. He is an active member of Street Smart Collective NYC with various pop-up shows at Terra Firma Space (Bushwick), Stonewall Inn NYC (National US Landmark) and many more.

On September 27 2018 video installation "CloudFace" by Mikhail Torich has been unveiled at "SURFACES" festival of "SPACES" showcase by It's Liquid Group at Palazzo Ca'Zanardi Art Space, Venice, Italy in conjunction with Venice Architectural Biennale 2018.

accolades and award laurels by Mikhail Torich
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